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Zimt – Du kannst so leben wie du willst (KUS 004 – 2016)

Behaving like you want to, sometimes even like a child – that’s what Zimt are doing in their recent video for their upcoming 7’’ release „Du kannst so leben wie du willst“ on aspiring Augsburg Indie label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. The title in a way means „you can live your life anyway you want to“ and Zimt, who are Janina (Keyboards / Vocals), Isabella (Bass / Vocals) and Ralf (Drums), deliver two exciting new songs with a unique sound that is hard to grab. On the A-Side, there is a distinctive bassline (even New Order comes into your mind), combined with a minimalistic drum sound and a layer of keyboards. Their sound is sparse yet melodic and their beautiful voices add to it wonderfully. The title of the song is an affirmation of life, nevertheless the first few lines paint a dark picture of life, being rather miserable. Later the whole mood changes with the affirmative lines  of the title, which are repeated several times. So everything is fine? No, not really – the band still wants to appear mysteriously, and they tell us about borders that keep two people apart. So their lyrics are kind of puzzling in the end which makes them even more interesting.

The B-Side adds a guitar to their sound and is about some urgent questions in life as well. Zimt want to give away a day and approach the issues of being alone and the pain and pleasures it brings (like finding yourself finally). Zimt always take into account both sides – the pain we feel and the optimism that everything will be fine in the end.

Let’s hope they keep up their optimism and airiness and will deliver similar gems in the future. Their first 7’’ is a real pleasure to listen to.

You can buy that wonderful record here:



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