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Various Artists – Sky Girl

My favourite compilation of 2016 is called Sky Girl. I’m definitely not a big fan of compilations in general. Often it’s just about being too lazy to buy all the stuff separately, or not even taking the effort to really take an interest in the band or not trying to discover what’s out there on your own – aaah, let someone else do the work! But here, this compilation is worth every penny! Not only because Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae (these are the names of the two compilers) have gathered songs that you would never ever have found on your own. Also, because most of these songs, if not all, cost a fortune, if you want to get an original copy of them. Even the sticker on the cover is quite nice and puts in a nutshell what the reviewer wants to say. The record is:

”A sentimental journey through folk-pop, DIY new wave and art music micro presses 1961-1991“. Most of the songs here are indeed rare as hen’s teeth and you could almost say ”all killer, no filler“ as well. Highlights are Linda Smith’s gentle folk opener ”I So Liked Spring“, Young Marble Giantsish ”Cold Café“, the 60s pop gem ”Consciousness of Happening“ by The Seraphims, or the deeply moving ”I Remember“ by Scott Seskind, only released as a cassette in 1991. But as mentioned above: you could name nearly every of these 15 songs as highlight. So this record is highly recommended to anyone who likes one of the musical styles mentioned above. Or to anyone who is interested in music that has never been played on the radio, never been listened to on parties despite being awesome. 

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