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EZTV – High In Place (Captured Tracks – 2016)

”High in Place“ is the second album of New York City three-piece EZTV and singer, songwriter and guitarist Ezra Tenenbaum. Like their nearly equally great first record, ”Calling Out“, it has been released on Captured Tracks and it’s pure and bright indie pop. It’s also a comeback to form for the label Captured Tracks which I collected meticulously in the past, but found some of their later releases a bit lackluster. Here, every song is a winner, at least on second or third listen. The record shows its true quality after a few spins, with lots of melodies being stuck in your head from then on, after maybe sounding a bit to samey at the beginning. It’s a record to enjoy with a glas of wine (or a cup of tea) in winter. Or embracing the first rays of sunshine on the morning. A record you can listen to in spring, summer, autumn, or winter. To pick out favourite tracks is quite a hard task as the album is very homogenous, but surely the single ”High Flying Faith“ is kind of special, also because of Jenny Lewis’s (of Rilo Kiley fame) participation. In ”Reason to Run“ Ezra Tenenbaum sings: ”I’ve got every reason to run – … nowhere!“ and the whole LP has that sense of feastful indecisiveness throughout. Thinking about influences, surely Real Estate (from NY / NJ also) come to mind. Moreover, Chris Cohen and Nic Hessler, who also released remarkable records on Captured Tracks, appear on the album. Jason Schwartzman praises the record on the cover and here you may think of Wes Anderson movies (and the singer’s name!!) again. Martin Courtney (of afore mentioned Real Estate) contributes to the album as well, and finally it all makes sense. Like Real Estate, EZTV seem to have inhaled that New York spirit and can’t help it but simply have to play that kind of laid back indie pop. Probably, they also watch Seinfeld reruns on TV and Woody Allen movies before and after rehearsals and compose their songs on Long Island. Whatever: a record for all seasons – classic pop!

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