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Body Type – Ludlow (digital only – 2016)

Body Type are four girls from Sydney, Australia and this songs seems to be their very first release. For now it only seems to be available as stream and video (with obviously no budget) on Youtube etc. You can’t find out much more about the band (yet) but nevertheless this first song catches your attention right away.

It starts slowly with some washed-out guitar, asking if you believe in karma, before introducing the topic of the song:

”Do you believe in karma? Do ya, do ya? You know that every move you make makes my heart break, but you’re still moving, aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Yeah!“

Afterwards the song takes off, guitars jangle, with added bass and drums. The singer tells us of a snowy winter in New York, and more about that unhappy relationship – but she doesn’t want to give up!

”Baby, let me hold you one more time so I know that it was once alright, baby, stay with me. I know it’s over, but just stay with me“.

She knows about the facts, but doesn’t want to accept these. And she’s wants the past back:

”I still wanna be close to you and I want you to wanna be close to me“ – wishful thinking, of course, but still the song never sounds hopeless, although the singer knows: ”I’m probably just crazy!“. At the end she repeats the lines ”I know it’s over but just stay with me“ all over again.

We don’t know how this story ends, but after listening to this song I’m really looking forward to hearing more from Body Type very soon, hoping for a 7’’ release of Ludlow. Probably, we will hear more from Body Type soon, also outside of Australia. People who like early Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Lo-Fi Girl Pop in general should definitely keep Body Type on their list.


Photo courtesy of Toni Wilkinson, from https://www.facebook.com/bodytypeband/

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